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Walzay is a marketplace where top talent receive offers directly from companies with salary, perks, team, and other details up front. Every company and candidate is verified before being approved into the marketplace, giving users the best experience where the best talent meet the best opportunities.

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Success Stories

Soniya A.

"Building out a technologically robust database for our startup required high quality engineers and Walzay makes it easier to filter through to make the right hiring decision."

Adem G.
Senior Software Engineer

"My experience at Walzay was excellent. From the very first communication, The team made me feel welcome and supported through the entire process."

Khurram T.
Preston Ventures

"Walzay made it fast and easy to find the top data scientists to scale my team, with unique filters like industry experience that made them a stronger fit."

Sohaib I.

"We needed software engineers to develop our AI-powered social app and Walzay is a great resource to get our startup in front of high level experienced developers."

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A company is only as strong as its team. Walzay looks beyond just the resume to help you find talent that would be passionate about what you're building.

We've Got Answers.

How much does it cost?

There’s no cost to be on the platform.
There’s no cost to be on the platform to browse through talent. The only time we charge is if and when you hire through us. We charge 15% of the candidates first-year base salary. We also have subscription options if you plan on hiring more than one candidate in the year. Sign up for a demo to find out more about this option.

What type of talent do you accept on Walzay?

We currently focus on technical talent: Software engineers, mobile developers, product managers, data scientists, data engineers, ui/ux designers, graphic designers, DevOps, blockchain developers, etc.All talent must have a minimum of one-year experience at a full-time role.

How are you different than other job sites like LinkedIn or Indeed?

Walzay is a hybrid talent platform, which means we are digitizing traditional recruitment.Walzay sources experienced tech talent from all over the world. Companies can filter talent for full-time roles either in-office or for remote roles. All data is upfront such as experience, skills, education, industry experience, and salary ranges. This allows for a friction-free hiring process that lets companies find the perfect talent for their teams and open roles. We are continuing to use data to enhance the search experience for both companies and candidates, different from other platforms that are more localized.

For candidates, you can get offers sent to you directly from companies relevant to exactly what you’re looking for without having to login to a new platform all the time. This makes it easier even if you’re passively looking in case the right opportunity comes along.

Are the roles only for remote?

Candidates and companies can put their own preferences for in-office, hybrid, and/or remote, even add willing to relocate.All roles are for full-time employment and an option for contractor (full-time for a fixed period of time).

What countries is Walzay operating?

Walzay accepts talent globally and currently have talent in over 95 countries and counting.Companies are welcome to sign up from anywhere to explore talent beyond borders. Most of our focus at your time of reading this is on the MENA region.

How do we become a partner?

Please email support@walzay.com